Two Shy: Beers with Personality

In a few short years, the Roseburg brewery has eliminated the recurring condition that inspired its name and grown into a reliable source for a wide array of flavorful brews.

Story by A.P. Weber Photos by Thomas Boyd

A dead-end road off Garden Valley Boulevard in an industrial Roseburg neighborhood leads to an unexpected discovery—an inviting covered patio, where groups of people are enjoying beverages and one another’s company.

The telltale complementary scents of sweet grain and floral hops reveal the business conducted behind that small patio. Nestled inconspicuously among the commercial businesses and aluminum-sided warehouses is the comfortable oasis that is Two Shy Brewing.

Step inside and enjoy the family-friendly vibe established by owner and brewmaster Lyle Hruda and his wife, Danielle. There are no pretenses here – not Hruda’s style. He’s a working man through and through. In fact, he’s often the gent pouring drinks. Up until two years ago, he was working as a forklift technician.


Making beer started as a hobby for Hruda and his friend Paul Singleton. In 2009, the economy was down, money was tight and every time the pair brewed a batch they’d find they were two bottles short of a case. Just shy.

So they wrote “Two Shy Brewing” on the wall of Hruda’s garage, where the work was being done. It was just a lark, but the name stuck.

Around that time, Hruda was servicing the forklifts at both Oakshire Brewing and Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene.

“I started giving beer away because I was making more than I could drink,” explains Hruda. “I took some up to Ninkasi and gave it to a guy there.”

In 2009, the economy was down, money was tight and every time Hruda and Singleton brewed a batch they’d find they were two bottles short of a case. Just shy.

The brewers at Ninkasi must have been impressed, because they showed their support for Hruda’s project in very practical ways and with advice that helped him develop as a brewmaster. That camaraderie within the larger brewing community helped push Hruda to officially establish Two Shy Brewing in 2010; it was open for business in December of 2012.

If you belly up to the bar and order a flight of Two Shy’s generous six-ounce sample pours, Hruda might tell you the rest of the story, how the Roseburg community and local businesses rallied around the brewery and provided support at just the right times.

Likely, he’ll ask about you, though: What are you looking for in a beer?

Danielle Hruda, behind the bar at Two Shy.

Danielle Hruda, behind the bar at Two Shy.

Two Shy has an impressive variety of offerings on tap (18 at the beginning of November). The Everything Is Awesome pale ale stands out as an exceptional easy drinker. One of the more unexpected options on tap is the Monk’s Temptation Belgian-style tripel, aged in tempranillo barrels; it’s subtly fruity (almost like a cider) and remarkably smooth.

For malty goodness, the Scottish Warrior ale, aged in whiskey barrels, will treat you right. If you’re looking for a robust, dark and nutty flavor extravaganza, the Oregon Rebel Stout won’t disappoint.

Since 2016, Hruda has been full time at Two Shy Brewing, either behind the bar or out among the barrels. He brings to the brewery the work ethic of a forklift technician, putting in around 100 hours a week just keeping all the plates spinning — making sure that recurring shortage that inspired his brewery’s name remains a thing of the past.