Sweet Opportunity

Cody and Mandi Dolan leave their former fast-paced life behind for the chance to take over a long-standing Roseburg candy business.

Story by Josh Gaunt, Photos by Thomas Boyd

Hey do you want to make some fudge?

The story of how Umpqua Sweets & Treats got its new owners is the answer to that simple question.

Sitting on his porch in California’s East Bay area, Cody Dolan came across an online listing for a Roseburg business for sale. Turning to his wife, Mandi, he popped that question.

“Why not?” she answered, and the rest is history.

The Dolans were looking for a different pace of life away from California, where Cody was in a job that had him traveling a lot. So they began looking for opportunities to do something on their own. They were looking for businesses to run when they ran across a posting that looked pretty sweet to them. 


Moving to Douglas County was a homecoming of sorts for Cody, who grew up in Oakland. 

Mandi Dolan is from Cottonwood, a small town about 15 miles south of Redding, Calif. She enjoys baking and cooking, so buying the business seemed like a perfect fit.

“It’s challenging, a lot of fun and we’re excited to do this together,” Mandi says. “The best part is the fact that I get to come to work every day and play with chocolate. Even if customers come in with a bad mood they leave with a smile on their face.”

Umpqua Sweets & Treats opened on Stephens Street in the 1990s as Candy Bouquet; its second owner changed the name. The shop sells chocolates, fudge, truffles, nuts and chews, custom gift baskets and other specialty treats. 

“I try to make really good chocolates that people come back for again and again,” Mandi says. 

In addition to their shop, the Dolans’ confections are on sale at Mercy Medical Center gift shop, Video Games Plus and at Dr. Lemert Orthodontics, where patients just freed from braces are given caramel apples from Umpqua Sweets & Treats.

001_uv_candy_B3_8954 copy.jpg

The Dolans’ top-selling item is the Yumpqua Bar, which features locally grown hazelnuts and blackberries. Other popular items include fudge, dark chocolate bars and squatchmellow candies — made from dark chocolate ganache, walnut caramel and a layer of vanilla marshmallow.

Umpqua Sweets & Treats has also developed its own unique flavors, such as a hot chili truffle, which combines spices with rich chocolate. They also have a lavender truffle, featuring lavender from Wesley Farms.  

The Dolans are hoping to grow their business by attracting more younger clients and building website sales.

“We want to expand our online presence and do more local events,” Cody says.

“We want to partner with more local wineries and breweries to do pairings or events.” 

Umpqua Sweets & Treats is located at 1157 N.E. Stephens St., Roseburg.