Buried Treasures

Photographer Kevin Eckerman goes subterranean with his camera and brings back to the surface some of Roseburg’s hidden history.

Story and photos by Kevin Eckerman


I am stuck in the ‘80s. From my Vans to my Van Halen T-shirt to my habit of still skateboarding pools, I am stuck in the ‘80s. 

With the return of long boards, LPs, Vans and more, the decade that I love still has a heartbeat. I’d like to think that I, along with other back harkers, have helped keep the ’80s on life support while waiting, hopefully if not realistically, for the decade’s return. 

While I wait, I have embarked on a mission to take others back with me to the ’80s – this time the 1880s. Being in the construction industry for one score and eight years now has afforded me the rare opportunity to access the attics, basements and crawl spaces of countless homes and businesses throughout the area. 

It’s amazing what I have found. Hidden gems. Buried treasures. Remnants of history. Through images captured on my trusty Canon T7i, and after hours spent crawling above and below the historic downtown Roseburg district, I hope to breathe some life back into the 1880s and early 1900s in our community.

To see more photos by Kevin Eckerman, visit https://www.eckerosaphotography.com