Downtown Voices

Downtown Voices

In a new feature beginning with this issue writer Jennifer Grafiada talks to people on the sidewalks of downtown Roseburg.

Photos by Tristin Godsey

Main, Cass, Jackson, Rose, Oak, Washington... over the years, these Roseburg streets have seen a lot of things. The city’s historic downtown continues to evolve, but there has been one constant: When you are downtown, you will always meet interesting people. On a recent day, we stopped to see what was up with a few visitors and workers.


Grew up in Roseburg, moved away, then returned 10 years ago.


Roseburg resident since 2016.

We met Hinson and Wootton in front of Adapt, a provider of primary care, addictions treatment and behavioral health. The two had just attended a meeting about “collaborating on school-based mental health support for children.”

Hinson, director of behavioral health for Douglas Education Service District, helps youth with behavioral symptoms transition back to a public-school setting. One way they do that is working with Adapt on managing a TLC (Treatment Learning Center) classroom, where Wootton works as a therapist.

The two women are exploring ways to help kids deal with challenges in and out of the school system.

Says Hinson, “Douglas County has a fantastic ability to develop relationships to support family and kids.”

Rob Negrin at work downtown

Rob Negrin at work downtown


Roseburg resident since April 2018.

Negrin is a contractor for JLW Properties, a local real estate management company. On this day, he was painting trim on a teal and purple building. He moved to Roseburg from Cedar City, Utah, and loves it here.

“I like that there are little pieces of history everywhere,” he says, pointing to the pillar next to him that displays a small sign noting the building’s 1896 origins. “They’re keeping the old and just giving it another coat.”

This particular piece of history, on Southeast Cass Avenue, is home to Round 2 Antiques & Collectibles. Before that, it was an eclectic bookstore called Mystic Earth. At one time or another, it has also housed a stained-glass studio, a hot dog shop named Poochy’s, a dinner theater and a pharmacy.

Now it is filled with memorabilia like cute little Laurel and Hardy dolls.

“I love that old-timey stuff,” Negrin says. “Seems like every other downtown building has been renovated and made more modern. I like that in Roseburg our history is being preserved for the younger generations.”