3 Questions With...

3 Questions With...

…Lori and Diana, Whitestone Vitamin & Health Center

Story by Jennifer Grafiada

If you’ve ever had an ailment and wanted to try the “natural route,” chances are you’ve checked out Whitestone Vitamin & Health Center on the corner of Southeast Main Street and Cass Avenue in downtown Roseburg. And chances are either Lori Falls (supplement buyer) or Diana Schrock (lead customer service) was there to help you find that special treatment.

Opened in 2007, Whitestone offers a wide selection of supplements, natural body care, essential oils, books, specialty items (like chia seeds or cocoa powder) and more to tempt those aspiring to better health.

Here, Falls and Schrock offer a few insider tips.

1. What are some ways you recommend to stay well?

“Eat healthy and reduce stress. We hear that a lot, but it does make a big difference. Our favorite immune system-boosting supplements are elderberry, vitamin C and Echinacea, and a formula called OnSet.”

2. What is one of the oddest questions you have been asked by a customer?

“We do get a lot of unusual questions. One of the weirdest has been, ‘Do you have a magic pill that will make me not hungry and lose weight without any lifestyle changes?’”

Whitestone’s Lori Falls, Diana Schrock and Julie Alliman

Whitestone’s Lori Falls, Diana Schrock and Julie Alliman

3. What do you love about being a part of Whitestone?

“We love our customers! We love helping people in their journey to achieve optimal health. The highlight of our day is when someone gives us a testimony of one of our products having helped to improve their health.”


Whitestone Vitamin & Health Center

Where: 1019 S.E. Cass Ave., Roseburg

Phone: 541-673-8482

Online: whitestonevitamin.com